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David Paetkau in Flashpoint...if he were just a *bit* younger? PERFECT Peeta Melark

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David Paetkau as Sam Braddock (is apart of the police tactical unit and is Nanette Dozier's high school sweetheart/real love interest )

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Pictures & Photos of David Paetkau - IMDb

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david paetkau acting as sam braddock in flashpoint

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Not really the kind of guy I go for these days, but my first real crush looked something like David Paetkau.

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I ❤ this picture of Sam Braddock/ David Paetkau!!!!

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David Paetkau - Actor de Alien vs Predator 2

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Amy Jo Johonson / David Paetkau / Flashpoint

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David Paetkau as Sam Braddock, the sometimes impetuous and always passionate war veteran in Team One in "Flashpoint."

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David Paetkau (Sam Braddock) from Flashpoint.He also played Chuck Wheeler in Snow Day.

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