David LaChapelle

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Style (and Substance?) in the Photos of David LaChapelle | Rosellen Downey

Style (and Substance?) in the Photos of David LaChapelle

Courtney Love by David LaChapelle///this is a fucking weird one....

David LaChapelle – Artist or Celebrity?

David LaChapelle- Dream Evokes Surrealism. His work has  dreamlike dimension and the deviation from reality. I chose this because it cannot be realistic. I like how the man's face is really big compare to other objects in the image. I also like position of gun and the man's facial expression of looking at the gun.  http://www.guyhepner.com/artists/?_escaped_fragment_=ART24/David-LaChapelle/COL90/Dream-Evokes-Surrealism-
David Lachapelle Plus | FDD S T U FF S

David Lachapelle Plus

David Lachapelle Death by Hamburger
Amanda As Andy Warhol’s Marilyn, 2002. David LaChapelle
'Vamp in a Glass Diorama' ~ Kirsten Dunst by David LaChapelle
David Bowie by David LaChapelle   - #Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

David Lachapelle Plus