AFI's Davey Havok pulls no punches when choosing to go naked rather than wearing animal skins.

AFI's Davey Havok Happily Goes Naked Rather Than Wearing Leather

Meet the sexiest vegetarian celebrities of 2012: Renee Olstead and Davey Havok.

2012 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebs

Davey Havok (AFI) and Haley Williams (Paramore). Because let's put two of my favorite singers together.

Wallpaper and background photos of Davey and Hayley Williams from Paramore for fans of Davey Havok images.

i miss the long hair and the makeup but theres not denying DXH is one fine man either way

i have had a massive crush on this man since i was 13 years old. so dreamy

Davey Havok. I had a mad crush.

davey havok from AFI. Even when he had long hair and wore kickass makeup or now that he is more clean cut.