Dance Moms Confessions

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dance moms confessions

MADDIE ISNT COCKY personally I feel awful for maddie Abby likes her the most and she has to be compared to her best friends just so the dance teacher can say how much better maddie is I would feel so bad if I were her

Dance Moms Confessions

I can relate being a perfectionist myself, if it's not up to the standards I want something to be I get either upset with myself or cranky.

Even with these disadvantages maddie is still better than Chloe and lets not forget that maddie is two years younger than Chloe

This isn't true Maddy and cloey r both even maddy is just Abby's favorite and is hatted for that that's y people stick up for her😘😒

Dance Moms Confessions


Dance Moms Confessions

dance moms confessions. Yeah doesn't she realize they are way younger than her?! Maybe Leslie just wants to be on TV lol

Payton is nice but I don get y she wants to dance with girls younger than her