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Saga o dżudo 2 / Zoku Sugata Sanshiro (Akira Kurosawa, 1945)

Saga o dżudo / Sugata Sanshiro (1943)

judo techniques - 40 técnicas do Gokyo Kodokan (não estão na ordem das 5 séries)

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two years on the Notre Dame Judo Club....HeeHAAA Visit for discount Judo supplies!

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For all my fellow Judokas #judo #lvmaa #lasvegas

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..: harai goshi with open collar grip :..

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Judo Throwing Techniques & Belts Más

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‘Uchi Mata’ Judo Throw Photographer: Jonathan Beck -- One of my goals is to have a picture taken of me and Im the girl in the dark gi. it will happen.

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Pliage Judogi - Judo Association Pourrières I always pack like this when traveling, makes it easier to get more in my case and not as messed up when I get where I'm going

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