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Haha you bitches couldn't even climb two inches before you run out of breath. You are mad because I'm doing everything you can't or won't do because you are scared.

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Pretty Bitch Quotes: Photo Album2

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They forgot the part about being dirty and in everyone's pants.

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Behind every bad bitch is a sweet girl who got tired of everyones bullshit

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You don't seem to understand

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Seriously. Does your boyfriend know your this ex-crazy? What is it about me you love so much? That I'm damn good to your kids and they love me back. Unlike you who has brought multiple partners into their life and forcing them into feelings until they cry. It's abuse, just so ya know. So keep hatin from afar and tell others how horrible I am, cuz I have ALL the proof to prove you wrong

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Pinterest stalker! Facebook DRAMA QUEEN ! Twitter ... You smell like way more than drama and a headache but true colors always show and yours are showing BRIGHT AS DAY!

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Crazy Ass Bitch

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If a bitch tries to get in my business...I will line her out real fast! Keep that in mind!