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slit wrist quotes - Google Search

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self+harm+poems | me depressed sad cut cutting poetry poem miserystoner •

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Pix For > Wrist Cutting Quotes

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cutting quotes - Google Search

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yeah, i don't cut myself and trying to kill myself. I cut myself because i want feel good.

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But why should you care, why should you know. I know you don't like me, I know you wish I didn't hang around with you, that's why I'm going to go and leave you alone

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depression quotes about cutting - Google Search

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stop please, I know its hard, I really do.. but in the end you still feel sad, maybe even more then before you had cut.. so stop, if you don't do it for you're self, do it for me ❤

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"They left her alone with her thoughts and her thoughts ate her alive.." Deep quotes, teenagers and cutting. Strong picture.

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No matter how much u hurt me I will never be able to hurt you

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