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Self harm is something people need to be aware of, if any of my followers need someone to talk to, im always here.

its true in so many ways like its hard to decribe how u can b so happy yet so sad at the same time

The water is clear, but your wrists are stained. Your face says happy, but your eyes say pain.

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As shocking as this is for some people to read,  it is very true

I guess self harm to me is a big release. Wether or not I'm sad mad or just feel nothing at all. No matter what I feel I still want to cut. I want to see my skin ripped apart. (As weird as that sounds) cutting doesn't hurt as much as the pain inside.

Self Harm Awareness by ~EmotionalDisaster666 on deviantART

I cut myself. never enough to die. but always enough to fell the pain. to feel my demons scream inside.

we get better we feel better but the scares remain to remind us of our past

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