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[[FC:Connor Franta]] Hey guys I'm Connor! I'm Alex's BFF or her guy best friend. I'm pretty outgoing and loud. I'm practically the opposite of Alex. Right now I'm a junior and single but I'm a flirt.

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fun little story where each chapter is based off of a song and it is not a tronnor fanfic even though they would theatrically play characters in a movie or sho.

literally my favorite picture of connor❤️

Connor Franta♥ I want to start a petition to make Connor Franta the first gay disney prince please

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Connor Franta has become a big rolemodel for girls, boys and the whole LGBTQ Community

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[Fc: Connor Franta] This is James Striker. He is majoring in the Espionage Unit but he's pretty good at Technology too. He is a laid back student but he isn't very shy.

Connor Franta

I would be totally okay with Connor being the face claim for one of my characters (he kinda reminds me of Elian, actually)