One of the roles of a coach/ leader is to be a guide and a support while the coachee is developing a new skill or learning a new concept. But often times, coa

How To Make a Living While Making A Difference As a Life Coach

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13 Magic Questions To Craft Your Perfect Coaching Offer

Without coaching packages that are a great fit for you and your ideal clients, building your coaching practice can be a hard slog.Standing out from the crowd can be tricky, and (*sigh*) winning c.

The Wellness Wheel - defining and outlining the six dimensions of wellness. (possible use for coaching assessment)

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Cute acronym to help you remember the steps of becoming a good mentor, tutor, boss or any kind of leader. There is no one right way to be a leader. You have to lead they way you and your colleagues see fit. Help them with their GROWTH.

Best personal development podcasts for This list includes podcasts about mindfulness, personal growth, minimalism, happiness and more!

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What is NLP? [Infographic]

Psychology infographic and charts Visualistan: What Does NLP Mean? Infographic Description What Does Neurolinguisitc Programming Mean?

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Some questions to help you start understanding & identifing some of your core values. **This a great idea for those that need help with pin pointing theirs.