Kim Jongdae as James Potter

Chen Lucky One EXO essa sessão de fotos ficaram tão lindas

Pretty sure everyone wants to be this dog on their holiday lol! Baby Chen | EXO Dear Happiness photobook 2016 <3

Why i think the dog is so lucky than me. Chen with dog at EXO

imagine   trolling with chen but then he pins you down and tickles you to prove that there is only one troll in your relationship ship- him

150717 Fansign Event in Beijing

CHEN || The Celebrity Magazine January 2015

The Celebrity Magazine January 2015

2016 Season's Greetings : Chinese Ver. - Chen  This boy is just slaying my life right here right now like his JaW LiNe?! His just overall attractiveness?! Not to mention those eyebrows I would kill to have! Love this boy everyone!

Chen - 160123 2016 Season’s Greetings official calendar, Chinese version - [SCAN][HQ] Credit: 올리브.

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Chen, exo y jongdae

Chen - 160819 ‘Lotto’ album photocard - Credit: 룽.

Chen - 160819 ‘Lotto’ album photocard - Credit: 룽.


Chenny chenny soon cute

#EXO #chen || cutie pieee


{fc: kim jongdae // chen // dinosaur // chensing machine // Beagle line member} name : jonathan berlin

he looks so good he's even checking himself out

Kim Jong Dae aka Chen fr EXO, just discovered him as the king of osts!

EXO Chen. fan comment ...*shyly sends a heart back to the screen* #jongdae

Chen Pls marry me Be a good family Make kids and love eachotherXDDD

star1 Magazine, August 2015 Issue : Chen (2/2)

Exo - Chen "Okay, I see you"

Chen #Kim jongdae #exo

Lauu on

You& my favourite lullaby : Photo

Sexxxxy chen hello ... why is chen suddenly remindin me of harry potter?u know wen harry grows old

ele é mt lindo, dono do talento, canta pra caramba, só pode ser o amor da minha vida mesmo

Sending the heart of mine through my eyes be like.. #chenchen

Precious human being, I love him TT ❤️