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bear1na: “ Catwoman by Paolo Barbieri * ”

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Catwoman Fille Huntress Affiliation Batman, Outsiders, Birds of Prey Alias The Cat, La Femme-Chat Apparus dans Catwoman Née en 1940

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Catwoman - Hello There!, Pandora Von Lillian on ArtStation at - More at

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50 shades of's safe by nebezial on deviantART

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Catwoman (a.k.a Selina Kyle) is a main villain of the DC Comic's Batman franchise. Created by Bob Finger and Bob Kane. Catwoman is a burglar and a jewel thief who dresses like a black cat and carries a bullwhip as a tool or sometimes a weapon. Even though being a supervillainess, she sometimes allies Batman and even poses as a love interest. Despite being a villain, she refuses to kill innocent people.

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The Cat and the Bat - Pete Knight

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Catwoman by Nicole Marie Lenz (finally, a nice, normal looking picture of catwomen)

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Catwoman in Corseted Black Suit

Tricksters only think about themselves and don't ever think about how their actions will affect other people.

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The Make us Laugh Challenge Thread - Page 7 - SLUniverse Forums

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Batman Returns Catwoman Gets Immortalized With New Statue

Tweeterhead Batman Returns Catwoman Statue Olivia De Berardinis Lithograph

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