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Carl Larsson and the Swedish home

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The Front Yard And The Wash House ~ Carl Larsson ~ (Swedish

You’ve heard of Scandi-chic – but have you heard of Carl Larsson, the  original Swedish interior designer?  Carl Larsson was a 19th century artist, best known for his watercolour  paintings of Lilla Hyttnäs, the home he lived in with his wife Karin and  their 8 children. Karin was also an artist, and although she stopped  painting after their marriage, she poured all her talents into interior  design, choosing colour schemes and weaving tapestries for the walls.  Together Carl and Karin…

Carl Larsson and the Swedish home

Carl Larsson and the Swedish home. Quite a contrast to the modern monochromatic look. Could be because of the long, snowy winters in Sweden.