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Breaking Dawn Part 1

Are you looking to plan your perfect Twilight: Breaking Dawn wedding? You've come to the right place my friend. I am a huge Twilight fan and had the amazing pleasure to go see Breaking Dawn at midnight opening day. The wedding scenes were my.

for some reason, I cant wrap my mind around the fact that they have a child.

New promotional photos of Bella, Edward & Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black for "Breaking Dawn, Part Wallpaper and background photos of New promotional photos for "Breaking Dawn, Part for fans of Twilight Series images.

The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2: Bella, Edward, & Reneesme Cullen

Twilight sagas Breaking Dawn Part Bella, Renesmee, and Edward the complete Cullen family! Such a gorgeous family photo!

As wonderfully awful as the last twilight movie was, I actually really want to live in their little fuck-cabin.

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I want an invitation simple and elegant like this one from Breaking Dawn... I am thinking gold/ivory though.

I want an invitation simple and elegant like this one from Breaking Dawn. I am thinking silver writing and red accent/border though.

WOW! what was with the overload of this picture. Did anyone see that? I'm not crazy/obsessed lolol

My Twilight (Breaking Dawn - Part Highlight I love you. Bella and Edward, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

I love how they did it inside, the wooden seats everything its like a wedding inside a weeping willow

This reminds me of the wedding in the movie Twilight Breaking Dawn. The branches and flower from the roof creates an almost fairytale scene and would be perfect for a greenery wedding theme.

I wanted to do purple bridesmaids dresses before breaking dawn I swear...Oh god, they're in a stupid twilight movie?! DAMNIT TO HELL, man!

Behind-the-Scenes Details From the Breaking Dawn Wedding

Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, Alice And Jasper In The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Pic.