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Pixar invented two new programs over three years to create Merida’s hair ^_^

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My unpopular opinion: Brave is better than Frozen.

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Keep Merida Brave! (And really just stop these rubbish redesigns altogether)

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Touch the sky - Brave -- i love this song and need to see the movie now!!

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Brave - merida - disney wallpaper

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I think Merida has the prettiest eyes. They're such a bright and shining blue.....they're gorgeous :)

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Merida--I love this so much because thats actually how crazy-curly hair looks wet, and it just love that the animators took the time to do that!

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Bear Tapestry - Brave / Disney Pixar Inspired - Movie Art

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Merida, Rapunzel and Elsa More

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This is so me, the one who isn't bone skinny and has no boyfriend. I love my life.

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