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Branches of Government

Branches of Government Freebie Your students will enjoy making a flip book as they learn about the 3 branches of the Government.


Online game "Branch-O-Mania" - Third Grade Civic/Government Understanding. [Standard: SS3CG1 - The student will explain the importance of the basic principles that provide the foundation of a republican form of government. B. Three branches in each.] This is an educational game for students to practice what they have learned about branches of the government.

After discussing with third graders about government, and how governments have the ability to make and enforce laws, what a great way to bring the lesson alive. You could have students work in groups and do reciprocal teaching. The students could make a branch of government and then reteach it to class. I would incorporate the book "House Mouse, Senate Mouse" by Peter Barnes. Social Studies Standard: Government Strand. Topic: Roles and Systems of Government. Content Statement: 12.