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od Melanie Redd

7 Important Truths All Christians Must Believe

Dear Christian woman, fight to believe these 7 truths for Christian women. We listen to so much throughout each day with magazines, texts, television, opinionated friend, and more. Start filling your mind with truth! Take your thoughts captive & make them obedient to Christ!

od Counting My Blessings

When God Says No

God said no to your heart's desire. What should you do when God breaks your heart. This list is a good place to begin the healing.


Matka Boska Ładowana - Stalowa Wola

Letting the Divine Take The Lead - Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will

Surrender to God, let go of control, have faith. We’ve been taught that in order to get what we desire, we need to either force our desires into being through hard work, or apply the Law Of Attraction whereby we visualize what we desire. But what if there's another way to deal with desire? What if instead of making it happen, we acknowledge our desires and then turn them over instantly to Divine Will?

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50 Inspirational Quotes to Live By in Daily Life

Everything happens for a reason.


May God bless ...after heart break or when you think things can't get any better/worse. I love this so much.

od Alyssa J Howard

Faith is a Verb: Putting Our Beliefs into Action

Faith requires action. We often hear the phrase “love is a verb.” I believe that faith is a verb as well.