Borneo+Tattoo+Designs | Polynesian Tattoos

Borneo+Tattoo+Designs | Polynesian Tattoos

For the Dyak people of Borneo, tattoos once commemorated headhunting expeditions. The markings on some modern Dyaks, on the left is Ernesto Kalum, represent "a modern interpretation of traditional headhunting tattoos," says photographer Chris Rainier.

Photographer Chris Rainier travels the globe in search of tattoos and other examples of the urge to embellish our skin

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Polynesian Tattoos

Tribal tattoos for women draws inspiration from designs for men, but with a twist of femininity for some and personal meanings for most. See examples here.

1950s Borneo Malaysia, Dayak Couple

Dayak male and female. Male has a throat tattoo that is said to protect the bearer from headhunters. The tattoo is believed to make the skin of the neck stronger. Beautiful headdress on the girl too Photo circa