Culture Shift? More Black Women Are Calling Themselves Brown

Culture Shift? More Black Women Are Calling Themselves Brown

islandboiphotography: “ Beauty comes in all shades. ” BGKI - the website to view fashionable & stylish black girls shopBGKI today

There is so much amazing talent out there! Checkout thehellip  More Amazing Art & Artworks:

New Book "Fashion Africa": Changing the perception

All you black people who think you are ugly because of your colour I am not black BUT I still think you are beautiful the way you are never change!!!!!!!

4 Natural Hair Black Doll Companies That Boost Black Girls' Self-Esteem

Melanin on Fleek Is the new Black is Beautiful

The ‘Melanin on Fleek’ Movement is a New Take on ‘Black Is Beautiful’

NY Mag

Serena Williams’ NY Mag Shoot is Breaking the Internet Right Now

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” was the creed the Williams sister lived by that their father, Richard Williams, put into motion.

6. Tambu is surprised by how much education Maiguru has received. Tambu thinls its a shame that Maiguru now has to stay at home and not have the opportunity to make something from herself.

Video Flexi Rod Tutorial on Transitioning or Relaxed Hair

A GOOD BLACK WOMAN Author: Gabking A good Black Woman is proud of herself. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She is quite capable of articulating her needs. A good black woman is hopeful.

curly natural hair dark skinned beauty @kindeaux

10 Dark Skinned Natural Hair Instagram Beauty

The Shoulder Length Black Weave Curls Made From Premium Peruvian Human Hair. 26 26 26 Inch Peruvian Virgin Hair Helps You Have Black Weave Curls For Natural Hair In Maxglam.

Black is the new black ~ I've been wearing black for two years now. For my husband and for my father.

Black Is The New Black

Black is often associated with minimalism. It is the ultimate go to colour in fashion and design. Black is also representative of exclusivity. Black is also the colour of the night sky, the unknown. Black is the new black

In a world that is becoming more fast-paced and more food-aware than ever before, lifestyle habits are developing that are causing many to put certain necessities on the back burner. These necessit...

4 Lifestyle Habits That Can Slow Your Hair Growth

mybrainplusdope: munchingg: Natural/Curly Hair Spam :’) Dedicated to my mass of curls ♥

55 Amazing Black Hair Art Pictures and Paintings

55 Amazing Black Hair Art Pictures and Paintings

Absolutely stunning black hair art pictures ranging from natural hair to locs and braids. The talented African American artist have some incredible work.

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