Black butler

this is not of the best anime our there. I'm not even finished and I've felt every emotion possible. I've cried and laughed and just plain fallen in love with the characters and the plot. I never used to think Sebastian was hot, but I definitely do now.

There's alois on the floor while Claude watches him, and then theRE Is litErALLy CIEL in SeBaSTIAns ARMs!!!!

alois on the floor near a sword that has blood on it. ciel in sebastian's arms. sebastian holding ciel in his arms. claude is just staring at alois.


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Black Butler meets Breaking Benjamin

Black Butler meets Breaking Benjamin <<< I love this song and anime so much *-* and it just fits perfectly

....................sorry i was out of existance for a while bc i relate.... WHO DOSENT :3

me as soon as i walk into school because i have social anxiety and having to talk to people i don't know stresses me out to the point where i can't speak unless someone else i know well is there