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The Dragons of Berk

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Oh my dragon, I'm dying from laughing so hard! This is perfect! lol XD

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Lol I think hiccup would be like the crazy uncle thats more like a dad XD

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Things haven't changed CUTE

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awww baby toothless <3

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How to Train your Dragon <3 Love this movie, only reason I'm pinning. Haga

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Hunting For Trolls by ~Luce-in-the-sky on deviantART.

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I love how DreamWorks animation gave Hiccup similar facial expressions because it shows Hiccup hasn't really changed. :)

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Oh it is nice to see a dose of younger Hiccup while we are all caught up in this world of older Hiccup.

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"Sorry guys, I apparently took a screenshot of this at the awkwardest frame for Little Hiccup (but it kinda makes it funnier, so..)"

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