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Popular model of the 1950s Betty Brosmer, with reported *natural* measurements of 38-18-36. Craziness!

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Betty Brosmer and her impossible waist 1950s

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1940s Fashion <3 pearls, bows, sleeved detailing, black & white contrasting bodice....many tailoring details...trending multiple times over the last 4 decades..and now...

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Та, что была до Мерилин Монро. Модель Бетти Бросмер. Обложки, календари, рекламные щиты, упаковки продуктов питания – везде была Бетти.

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Betty Brosmer . At one point in the 50’s she was the highest paid pin-up model around. During this time, she turned down Playboy because of her rule of never doing anything more than just chaste cheesecake shots. In the 1960’s, she stopped her pin-up career when she married publisher of fitness magazines Joe Weider. Since then, she has been a regular model and writer for his publications and a role model for good health and fitness in later age.

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Ann Margret and Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas GIF

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Betty Brosmer

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ihideinmymusic:andrewlipsky: Grace Kelly in “Rear WIndow” (1954)

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