Gibt es einen Mann auf der Welt, der besser aussieht, als Ben Barnes? Ich glaube nicht.

You my… my brown eyed guy (20 photos)

Ben Barnes from Narnia, he plays prince caspian! Too bad he's 31...still gorgeous though (;
Ben Barnes... my Amadan Mwahahaha
Ben Barnes @Jessica Holland how could you not find him attractive?
004.jpg-Ben Barnes Fan/Instagram- Man I love seeing pictures of my gorgeous fantasy guy! Especially ones like these! :)
Ben Barnes aka Prince Caspian :)
When guys have the sexiest smile.... oh my god, that is the best thing.
Ben Barnes - Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Naria
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Damn, that coat is amazing! Just kidding, Ben Barnes looks so fine in Sons of Liberty. But the coat is nice, too.
Ben Barnes- Such a gorgeous man overall.  He really looks good in anything.
Caspian. I want Caspian. What of it? - An Awfully Big Adventure: Feelings of Fantasy
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Ben Barnes, as Hallm, Master of Horses, lively son of Lord Tollam. He dotes on his father. Brave warrior and great tactician, his skills on the battlefield are formidable.