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I just can't say enough about how happy I am that beards are an "in" thing now. There is so many good things to look at on the streets! May this trend live forever!

29 Beard And Undercut Combinations That Will Awaken You Sexually                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

This amber-haired answer to our prayers.

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Won't say no to this look. #Beards #Tats #Hottie

bearditorium: “ Parker ” 🔘 Kinky-Beards - The Kinkyest choice of Bearded men

Latest Beard Styles For Men To Try In However, we all have to admit that facial hair requires a bit more than minimal care unlike the rest of men’s fashions which are easier than the women’s.

To the sweet wild woman - you don't need a man, but a goddamn warrior. It won't matter what he drives of where he works. What's going to matter is that he'll crave your strength and intensity. He's going to look at you and not see something to tame, but some one to just f*cking admire. He isn't going to be scared off by your fierceness. You'll have met your match - because a simple man for you just won't do.

Now in long hair as a hairstyle is to become a trend, but, how about men with long hair and beards? is the combination of a beard with long hair also to become trendy?

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I am a simple woman. I like handsome bearded brunette men and breakfast food.  #beard  #RonSwanson

I am a simple woman. I like handsome bearded brunette men and breakfast food. Especially Finnish pancakes.

It's the wrinkles around the eyes. Does it for me every time. ~W

It's the wrinkles around the eyes. The smile lines! The eyes and the grey beard!

Yes...we do :0)

10 Reasons I'm Proud To Be A Curvy Girl

yourfluffyginger: alittlenymph: hell yeah we do! I approve this message. getchu a chubby dude preferably with a beard you’ll thank me later- omg can i have this man?

pogonophile- That's me! :)

Pogonophile and proud!

I love beards. I think men look very masculine and sexy, with a well groomed beard.