Batman and Robin Eternal #22

Batman and Robin Eternal Omg this is everything I've ever wanted to hear about the batfam, I feel relieved

sonialiao - Bruce and Dick

sonialiao: “ So anyone who’s been talking to me recently knows my time’s been eaten up by my new BATMAN OBSESSION sdlfjskdf In my headcanon Dick Grayson is a snugglebug ”

Batman and his Robins by st00pz on tumblr// Red hood is pooing on him! :D

hehehe batman and his Robbins. Jason Todd/redhood(the top bird), Richard grayson/nightwing(batmans palm), tim drake/red robin(shoulder) and last but not least! Angry Damian Wayne on his fathers head batman and his little birds

Damian Wayne Batman Robin Batfam

Damian Wayne Batman Robin Batfam

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batman and robin, batman looking like a father figure to robin in this picture almost asif robin is dependent on him as the hero.


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