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Bend Bamboo

How to Dry Bamboo

How to Dry Bamboo

Bamboo in pots...for deck privacy (do you all see a trend here, lol)
How To Build A Trellis From Bamboo  If there's a handmade trellis that perfectly fits any garden, this would be it. Why not make a trellis using bamboo!
Un DIY ingénieux et esthétique à partir de deux échelles en bambou et de trois étagères de bois
This beautiful Bamboo Blanket Ladder is simple to make. Just 4 pieces of bamboo, screws & some twine & you can add a beachy feel & function to your decor. on

Bamboo Blanket Ladder

Shades of green. Bamboo From "the poetry of material things"                                                                                                                                                      More
#16. Build a cascading fountain using some bamboo poles.

Top 21 Easy and Attractive DIY Projects Using Bamboo