I met this aww-inducing Alpaca

Good Morning, I'm Blaine. I'll be your LLama today. (all apologies if hes really an alpaca)

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Approximate Size: As all our animals are handmade, sizes and weights are approximate measurements. Additionally, stock images are used in most cases, which may not reflect the precise coloring o

Baby Alpaca!!!!!!!

Born in the USA: 'Animal Guy’ brings adorable baby fox to TODA

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38 Images That Are Scientifically Proven To Boost Productivity

Funny pictures about Baby llama. Oh, and cool pics about Baby llama. Also, Baby llama photos.

A baby alpaca and his mama :)

Is that an alpacamac? Meet Quito the four-day-old Cria wearing a special coat before his wool grows

I don't know how much longer I can go without owning one of these!

Harlequin Appy Alpaca>>> Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh my obsession with alpacas just keeps on growing and growing. Haha where can I get an alpaca?

What cuter than one baby Alpaca?  Two baby Alpacas!

Whats better than one baby alpaca?

Network of alpaca farms across America. Links to find an alpaca farm near you to learn about raising alpacas and alpaca breeding. Find alpaca information at I Love Alpacas.

Lamas • resembles domesticated Alpaca • lama:

Two fluffy alpacas looking quite happy

I love llamas! < THESE ARE FUCKING ALPACAS NOT LLAMAS << they're right. llamas are tall, don't have fluffy necks, and are considerably more agressive, while alpacas tend to be more passive and don't spit.

Baby alpaca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this a baby alpaca or a stuffed animal? This animal looks like a small llama, and hails from Sout.