assemblage art by mike bennion

Inspiration for curiosity cabinets - assemblage art by Mike Bennion inspiration for found object art

diane aldrichkleiss

*I would like to replicate little boxes like windows or boxed in micro visions of life*."High Rise Condos" Mixed Media, Glass Boxes, Wax Carved Eggs by Diane Kleiss

This is my newest assemblage art has little places to hang  jewelry and is perfect for photos or collectibles. Now available in my ETSY shop ("SassytrashAntiques")

Assemblage Art Shadowbox (Sassytrash)

Art Assemblage Shadowbox with Vintage Salvaged Metal, Wood Box, Vintage Hardware, on Roller Skate

Janet Eskridge, Children's Story Boat                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Janet Eskridge: Children’s Story Boat Height: 14 ½ ¼ with finial) X Width: 6 X Depth: 3 ½ Sold Photo: Larry Gawel ©Janet Eskridge