aw<--he honest to god looks like one of those chill professors who like tea instead of coffee

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Amazing! I would so love to find these wings street art because they honestly almost tell a story for whoever stands in front of them its beautiful

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could someone update me on when the boys are going to be on tv in America? I would appreciate it so much.

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i died>>>I dont have any words for this beauty

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hotdamn5sos - daily updates on 5 seconds of summer

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Dear god, please tell me... How can one be so beautiful?

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My friend just called Ashton "Harry" and I got reaaly pissed.

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@5sosashtonirwin Happy 22nd Birthday!!! Can't belive you are 22 already, Love ya! Stay strong ;)

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My newest obsession. Ashton Irwin from 5sos is literally bae! He's a christian I hear wedding bells?

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Ashton Irwin is my future husband, but he just doesn't know it yet.

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