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A Guide to Surviving Your First Anime Convention [infographic]


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Attack on Titan - Anime Expo 2013

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The 21 Most Important Shirtless Men At Anime Expo

DUGTRIO! | The 21 Most Important Shirtless Men At Anime Expo ~So many questions, but I think I'll settle for just accepting the awesome that is this~

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Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

This is the best

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"Jake" Sparrow. Cute. Cosplay by Stoic-Ambience, photo by Estrada Photography.

Jack Jake | Anime Expo 2013 Day 3.

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Gaara's Gourd.

Gaara's Gourd.

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Anime Expo 2014 follow my facebook page for updates

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Sora from Kingdom Hearts | 2013 Anime Expo <== That is one of the best, most accurate cosplays I've ever seen! ...Except, where's the Keyblade, Sora?? :D

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"Sharingan Eye Kakashi" by morbidprince.

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“Look up.” Said the Stars “And all your dreams will reveal themselves.”I’ve been longing to take long exposure photography of the night sky for a while now. So much beauty is hidden in the Milky Way that’s often too polluted by city lights to see. I haven’t had time to go out into the wilderness to take photos so I’ll be drawing the stars in anticipation.

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