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Luv aj I'm cutekoala134  <3  P.S if u no da code 4da claw plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me plzzzzzzz  P.S.S if u play tell me ur use :)
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OMG This happens to me all the time with beta members to noobie new jammers.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: I AM NOT THAT RARE! ... (I think Commander FrozenClaw is getting a tad greedy...) Alas, I have been overtaken by rares, My thirst for them has become insatiable... I cannot stop hoa...
How to get a fox even qhen non member: 1. Get 1 month ($5.95) 2.Recycle all animals except for one that can only be used in water 3.Membership expires 4. BOOM
this is my brothers dream animal but his is a not a girl and that will be his look when he gets a membership witch i will get with the clud geoz set with free membership for 2 weeks! that is awesome but we are going to have different accouts when our membership runs out so we will always have membership! i really like that idea and just wow i love it so jam on my friends!
animal jam plushie chart | click for full size and please don t use it
Celebrate Night of the Phantoms with some extra spooky SCIENCE! Make your own Magnetic Phantom Slime with this free download from Animal Jam Academy! Have fun and PLAY WILD!