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Angielskie idiomy: pigs might fly, pink elephants, frog in the throat


Angielskie idiomy nie muszą być straszne. Zajrzyjcie do opisu zadania Joanny Juszczyk z gimnazjum w Rudzie Malenieckiej, wystarczy kliknać w link:

Angielskie idiomy, których znaczenia sam byś się nie domyślił

“Cry me a river” means “you can cry or complain a lot but you will not get my sympathy”. Example: - My best friend hasn’t called me for a week! - Oh, cry me a river. You never call anyone. Get our apps for learning English:


“Devil is in the detail” means “small things in plans can cause difficulties when you examine them closely enough”. Example: This task may look very simple, but the devil is in the detail. Get our apps for learning English:


"Build castles in the air" means "to make plans that have very little chance of…


“Break your duck” means “to do something for the first time”. Example: No matter how hard I try, I can’t catch a fish when I go fishing. I really hope I break my duck tomorrow. Get our apps for learning English: