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Yo. Sidney, i don't feel great. it is because the llama's were being so fabulous.

16 Animals Cute Enough To Replace Cats On The Web

Ihr Fell ist flauschig, ihr Charakter liebevoll und ihre Frisuren einfach nur der Knaller. Natürlich ist hier die Rede von Alpakas. Wer sie noch nicht auf..

"Es ist sooo flauschig!" - Diese 20 süßen Alpaka-Fotos werden dein Herz zum Schmelzen bringen! Versprochen

Alpacas is the most CUtest Thing on earth! omg.. I'M gonna DIE!
I don't know how much longer I can go without owning one of these!
Interesting facts about alpacas
Alpaca Love! #alpacas #love #animallove
my goal in life is to raise alpacas for some period of time hahah when I look for colleges, I'm going to make sure there is always an alpaca ranch within a 30mi radius so I can get some experience in :)
Baby Alpaca- How can you not love that face!
Beware: Alpacas. This is for my aunt and uncle.

Sleep with Alpacas at Colonial Hill Alpaca Farm