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Agents of Shield

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And its alll ur fault

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Grant Ward puts friends first || Grant Ward, Antoine Triplett || Agents of Frickle Frackle || #humor #fanedit

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AGENTS of SHIELD || Fandom Acrostics by LadyRat || #fanedit

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the family fight || Lance Hunter, Alphonso Mackenzie, Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Bobbi Morse, Skye || Agents of Frickle Frackle 2x11 Recap || #fanedit #humor

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Agents of SHIELD Portraits by andlatitude

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#Skyeward #AoS tumblr He loved and still loves her. And she does still care, even if it means thinking he is crazy. Because the opposite of love is not hate, no the opposite of love is indifference.

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#Marvel Comics: Agents of Shield: Visit #Tahiti “It’s a magical place!” t-shirt.

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skyeward agents of shield | Photo: E prendiamoceli cinque minuti per sclerare *w*-E

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I may or may not have been watching this with my dad while I screamed at the TV telling Fitz, "KISS HER!!!!! KISS HER ALREADY!!!!!!!!".....

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