GLUE DOTS Glue dots are a staple in my craft room. I use these to adhere just about any small item on paper crafts, school projects, kids crafts (very easy for the kids to use, too!) They come in perm

Craft Adhesive Guide (U Create)

Craft Adhesives Overview. Ever wonder which craft adhesive will work best for the project you have in mind?

Craft Adhesives Overview

I've covered the basic craft supplies you need. And I've covered the basic craft adhesives out there. Today we're talking about basic.

For selecting the right adhesive. | 27 Insanely Helpful Diagrams Every Crafty Person Needs

For selecting the right adhesive.

Craft Adhesive Guide - know what craft to use for each craft medium!

Every DIY Enthusiast.. this could be super helpful

12 Chocolate Bark Recipes That Will Put Willy Wonka Out Of Business

A useful glue guide for: The Ultimate Adhesive Guide for Swarovski Flat Backs and Fabric

Must-Have Adhesives - Tips and Tricks blog post by Britta Swiderski

Tips and Tricks: My Must-Have Adhesives

Removing sticky residue from various surfaces can be a challenge. Things like packing tape, stickers from price tags, advertisement labels, packing glue, masking tape, and more can leave a nasty sticky substance behind. It can be a gooey residue blob of mess that is not easy to remove. Here’s a list of 20 items that …

20 Methods To Remove Sticky Adhesive Goo & Gunk- just tried the WD worked great. I left it for about 5 mins. and the sticky residue came right off.

Ten Must- Have Craft  Adhesives that every Crafter should own and examples on how to use them.   Great List!

10 Must-Have Adhesives for Every Crafter

Whether you're new to DIY or an experienced maker, no crafter's toolbox would be complete without these 10 must-have adhesives!

Crafter's Toolbox: 10 Must-Have Adhesives

Art Tip: No More Clogged Nozzles (via )

Art Tip: No More Clogged Nozzles (Balzer Designs)

Yes, the super glue, the elmers glue, and the glitter glue ALL get clogged by the second use. Perfect Video tutorial of a No-Clog DIY Fine-Tip Adhesive Solution.

Cricut - frame

No tutorial - just St. Patrick's Day inspiration for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut crafters - adhesive vinyl and rolled flowers.

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New Scale Patterned Japanese Washi Tape Office Adhesive Tape Decorative Masking Mini Cute Paper Sticker Tape Measure - Scrap Your World