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Antioxidant packed acai bowl recipe +  how to use less acai berry powder but keep the taste and health benefits.

Low cost Acai Bowl - a delicious superfood smoothie

Acai berry powder benefits the body in hundreds of ways and has been shown to improve overall health and wellness

Acai Berry Powder Benefits

low coast acai bowl
Knock-off Jamba Juice Acai Bowl recipe! Vegan, refined sugar-free, and absolutely delectable!

Berry Acai Bowl

This acai bowl recipe is a smoothie made with fruit, acai berry puree and yogurt that's served in a bowl and finished with a fun and colorful variety of toppings.

Easy Acai Bowl

Acai are purple berries from Brazil that are very high in antioxidants. We like to enjoy their goodness in this cool, creamy breakfast that's perfect on a hot summer’s day when you are fully awake and ready for something refreshing. From our bestselling cookbook The Art Of Eating Well, which includes recipes from the Channel 4 series Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley

Acai Berry Breakfast Bowl

Top 10 Super Foods: coconut oil, Goji Berries, acai, kelp, maca root, bee pollen, chia seeds, spirulina, manuka honey, cacao | @andwhatelse

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Freed from its smoothie bowl prison, the acai berry turns out to be a versatile little fruit.

5 surprising ways to use acai

5 Heart Healthy Smoothie Recipes! Check these awesome healthy protein shakes.

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Acai Bowl Recipe | Easy Acai Bowl | Smoothie Bowl | Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Easy Acai Bowl