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5SOSFam — aaronrichter: 5 Seconds of Summer for Kerrang! ©...

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4 Australian idiots have stolen my heart I've already posted this 5 times but what the heck

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Omg I do this all the time lol

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Same with friends who don't know who they are!!

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#lifegoals Dude this is just soooo adorable i just.. no . literally... life is now complete... i can't I'm dead goodbye

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AH DAMN IT MY FINGER SLIPPED >.< <<< SAME<<<<<FUCK I DIDNT MEAN IT MY FINGER SLIPPED<<nuhuh not my fault*smiles like an idiot*

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5SOS posted on Snapchat<<<this sounds like something that they would do lol

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SAY IT AGAIN, I DARE YOU! *calls all 5SOS FAM members* Alright we are ready for war!

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I would choose tickets too because the man I want to marry is on that stage XD

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