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tanakahisateru: classics: kagurazakaundergroundresistance: qiring: Light balance (via Marek Tomša) (via openarms)


Yes, you can get rid of sinus infections in just 20 seconds with this amazing homemade remedy! But, before we tell you how to make the most powerful home r


Con estos trucos podras destapar tu nariz en tan solo 2 minutos | Salud


My test selfies continue :) Seriously I wanted to shorten the exposure time from the previous session from half a minute to some seconds. Who makes #wetplate #collodion selfies without any assistant knows how difficult is to prepare all the stuff you need to make a proper focus on your face. You can see that without a head rest is my head movement visible but the main object is sharpThe old but still beautiful #Rolleiflex camera which will be renewed and adapted for wet plates soon 6…

Microwave omelette dish A delicious omelette in 30 seconds! Combine eggs, ham and cheese and place in the microwave for 20 to 40 seconds (the container changes colour gradually so you can see when your omelette is cooked) to enjoy a light, fluffy, low-fat omelette! 21.5 cm wide.


Here's how you can put together a career plan to become a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in five steps.

Descubren templo Mochica con 1700 años de antigüedad en valle del Zaña


Internet en 60 segundos

Cada 60 segundos, 204 millones de correos electrónicos.


where does this happen in your life Brisbane? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ you weren't born to fail... inside you is an EXACT set of goals specifically designed for you so that you can achieve awesomeness! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- #queensland #instabrisbane #brisbanecoffee #southbankbrisbane #goma #coachinglife #thegreatsoutheast #brisbanecity #brisbanefood #brisbanepowerhouse…

roy-ality: ilovecoffeeandcats: allofthemath: So calming If you have anxiety trying taking deep breaths in sync with this. It’s very relaxing. I love this