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Living in the luxury of endless possibility gives children the illusion that the hard work is done for them. And let’s be honest. If you want to change the world, it will involve hard work, and nobody can do it for you. You have to learn to do it yourself. Jennifer Thomas

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Horribly drilled teeth in captivity!!! Say NO to Sea World in Dubai!!! No!!! What Would Captive Orcas Tell Us If They Could Talk? Empty the tanks!! Sick, horrific drilling of their teeth! Inbreeding. Orca. Killer whale. Captivity kills. Boycott marine parks. Get the facts. Protect our majestic oceans and sea life! Sustainable world!

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Blue Sea Slug, sea life, animals, ocean, ocean life, aquatic animals, fish, fishes, marine biology, water, under water life #sealife #marine

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Animales de Poder: La Tortuga

Me encanta tortuga acutica.

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Beautiful sea horses! Unlike most sea creatures, sea horses are monogamous for life and are the only species on earth in which the male carry the unborn young. SWEET!

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Box-fish, sea, sea life, life, animals, ocean, oceans, ocean life, aquatic, aquatic animals, fish, fishes, marine, marine biology, water, under water life

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Beauty of Nature – Colorful Ocean Life | Animals | EatnineGhost

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Jellyfish are just so pretty . . their colors, transparency and their motion. Beautiful! #beauty #nature

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Starfish! abundant in the shallow pools of love island !...L

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