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725 Fixie... just perfect ♥

Geared to the fixie community. Fixed geared cyclist ride with no front or rear brake and depend solely on their legs to control the speed in which they travel. "TRUST THY LEGS" **All images are found.

Our Women's "Ride Bike, Eat Cookie" Cookie Monster Cycling Jersey (back view)  Also available in Men's sizes

Here at Brainstorm Gear, we're ecstatic about our partnership with Sesame Workshop! You'll eat the miles up in this fantastic new performance jersey featuring everyone?s favorite furry blue monster.

yes please!

Let's Go To New York sticker - " Should we just leave everything here and go ? " Let's Go To New York is an eco wall sticker made from a recyclable PVC-Free adhesive. Designer : Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi Item reference : Made in Paris, France

Hands up who needs this in their home?Did you know every bike ride you have is actually powered by positive thinking? If you didnt believe you could do it you wouldnt get any miles in! - - - What gets you on your bike in the morning?