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Changes made in my daily in prepare for moving it to my Hobonichi in 2017. Yes, I'm migrating my monthly planner and dailies to Hobonichi A6, there will be no more parallel time ladder as I foreseen because of the available space and my schedule. I will only plan my day in my mind and keep my time ladder for the actual activities I have done. It's very important for me to track my work time to calculate the time cost I used for each of my artwork. So, am I going to abandon bullet journal? NO…
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New Zealand is there! Yesterday I forgot to paste it in my notebook. We also added Europe's map sticker and printable in the shop! Go to etsy.com/shop/howtobulletjournal and don't forget that 10% off by using OPENING17
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@daintilynoted: Decided to do something a little different for my mood tracker this month
24 Minimalist Bullet Journal Layouts That
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