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Morse code actually makes SENSE when you lay it out like this.

Here’s a problem that’s part of a math exam in India. You need to select three…

25 Step By Step Tutorial For Beautiful Hair Updos ❤ - Page 2 of 5 - Trend To Wear

Maximize your storage space with the Refrigerator Sliding Drawer. Large enough to hold food items but small enough to not take up valuable room.

DIY KID CRAFT/GAME & PRINTABLE Throw it in your purse to keep the kids busy at a restaurant or give it as a handmade gift or party favor. Tic-Tac-Toe is always a good idea!

Come tessere una cinghia (Diy) / cinghie / SECOND STREET

Come tessere una cinghia (Diy) / cinghie / SECOND STREET

Refashion Old T-shirt To Tank Top – DIY

DIY - Make a tote bag from a T-shirt! http://naturalvitalityliving.com/eco-cool-t-shirt-tote-bag/#.U7uzU0DwGkw

what if we sewed the two fingers together and made them praying pals for the letter P!