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15 Things to Do After Your Baby is Born: A helpful list of things to do in the days and weeks after your baby is born

You're almost there...but there are some aches, pains, and gripes still left to deal with in those final few weeks of pregnancy. Here's my list of 10 Sucky Things About the Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy.

10 ways to increase your breast milk supply in 24 hours. Great for breastfeeding moms with a low milk supply. Pin now pump later. #breastfeeding #momsmakemilk

Poop happens, but you can prevent it! REPIN if you're pregnant!! http://thestir.cafemom.com/pregnancy/166564/pooping_during_labor_delivery_6?utm_medium=sm&utm_source=pinterest&utm_content=thestir

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They might be "standard" procedures, but you might want to skip these if you're pregnant!

Write down something that made you happy every day for a year, then open the jar and read about all the amazing things that happened.

10 Ways To Increase Milk Supply. Good to have on hand for when number two comes

Save twenty five bucks a week on baby food. I made my son's baby food and this is pretty much what I did. Used regular ice cube trays and my standard blender. But this post is also great to remind me of some fruits and veggies not to miss for variety--I tended to get into a rut sometimes!