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an old spanish book with a turtle and eagle on it's back cover, which is written in latin
Raúl Stévano / Fábulas
an old children's book with pictures of animals eating at a table in spanish
La zorra y la cigüeña (Mi libro de segundo Lecturas)
Libros de Primaria de los 80's: La zorra y la cigüeña (Mi libro de segundo Lecturas)
the spanish poster shows different things that are in english and spanish, including pencils, scissors
Über 200 Spanisch Vokabeln mit Bildern
Spanisch Vokabeln Schulsachen
spanish words with pictures of animals and their names in the same language, including an image of
Spanisch Vokabeln: Haustiere
Mit den eigenen Haustieren Spanisch lernen macht gleich doppelt Spaß! Deshalb zeit dir diese Übersicht Spanisch Vokabeln zu den meist verbreiteten Freunden des Menschen.
the parts of a man's face with words in spanish and english on it
Spanish Song, Toca Tu Cabeza
Study the picture and then match the English and Spanish words for parts of the…
the words in spanish and english are shown with pictures of houses, trees, and birds
El paisaje em espanhol
El paisaje em espanhol #espanhol #dicasdeespanhol #cursodeespanhol #auladeespanhol #professordeespanhol #aprenderespanhol #idiomas #línguas
an image of people in spanish with the words quien es quien on it
¿ Quién es quién?
a house with the words la casa in spanish and some other words below it
A casa em espanhol
A casa em espanhol #aprendeespanhol #cursodeespanhol #dicasdeespanhol #espanhol #professordeespanholsergio
a spanish poster with pictures of different things in the english and spanish language on it
spanish words and pictures for children to learn in the classroom, including an image of people with
Spanish Greetings Poster - Italian, French and Spanish Language Teaching Posters
Introduce greetings with this colorful 18 x 24 in. poster that: - includes a free guide with teaching suggestions and practice worksheets - is sent flat (except international orders) Other phrase post
a spanish poster with pictures of different rooms
an image of spanish food and drinks on the page with words in english or spanish
Vocabulario - cocina
an info poster showing different types of boats
La palabra del día: falda | HablaELE
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