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The sky was a burnt orange. The second sun would rise in the south and the mountain would shine. The leaves on the trees were silver. and they'd light the sky every morning like it was on fire.

Magnificent Nature - Ethereal quality to this scene

✿ ❤ The vibrant colour of the flowers is really nice against the paleness of the sky and the background. I love the way the tree looks old and bent but still beautiful.


Pink water lilies catch the glow of sunrise in Sampaloc Lake, Laguna, Philippines. Lake Sampaloc is a an inactive volcanic maar on the island of Luzon, Philippines.


hellostanleyfloyd: “The autumn leaves shall soon fall……and my heart dwells upon it……If I had no worries and troubles on my mind, I would run and play, just like a child….so sad that we have to carry heaviness at times….life is too short for the.