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Creative Curriculum Objectives: 22, 26, 5, 24 Discovery bottles filled with colored water and glitter, rice and letters or numbers, or items related to a theme provide an opportunity for a time of self-directed exploration. After the initial exploration, student will search for specific objects in the bottle, discuss the contents of the bottle, and talk about cause and effect while moving or shaking the bottle.

Montessori Monday – Inexpensive and DIY Geometric Solids and Extensions

I like how they've traced around the dish and added the dots. Color mixing at SAS montessori -- Creative Curriculum GOLD objectives 1b, 7a, 8b, 11a, 11b, 11d, 11e, 12b, 24, & 26

Zoology - The Helpful Garden Montessori

Pin now, definitely check out later...Another said: The coolest DIY Craft website. So addicting. I really just went there and almost never came out! Use with caution!