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Neva Masquerade from my blog

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cattery Dzika Bestia*PL

This is a little girl her name is Kreska - kitten neva masquerade blue tabby 2 - month - old

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Kolo, kitten neva blue tabby with white

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kocurek neva, oznaczenia kremowe pręgowane e 21 33 (cream tabby)

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kitten neva, blue tabby with white

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kitten neva cream tabby with white with mom blue tortie bicolor

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The kitten is already 4-week-old and his weight is about half a kilogram and it is not easy for mum to carry him in this way. Sometimes his bottom hit on the ground many times especially on stairs.

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FIASKO » Dzika Bestia | Mała Domowa Hodowla Kotów Syberyjskich Neva Masquerade

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kitten neva, blue tabby with white

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