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a woman sitting in the grass with two puppies next to her and one is holding a basket
Starlite Puppets with Connie Manson & Peter Chin
Puppet Tale Sampler - the Story of Shingebiss from Starlite Puppets
an older woman sitting at a table with a young boy
Water Maiden Puppet Show
Water Maiden Puppet Show. I really like the shy turtle- great pedagogical song
a woman is sitting on the floor with a blanket
Suzanne Down puppetry
mama bird story
someone is cutting fabric with scissors on a table in front of some cloths and other items
Waldorf Puppet Shows 101 by www.Earthschooling.com
Waldorf Puppet Shows 101
two yellow and black stuffed animals laying on the ground next to some white wool balls
passengers on a little spaceship
Great beginners tute for Bees
a small doll sitting on top of a bed next to a person holding a stuffed animal
Mother Hulda- A Waldorf Kindergarten puppet play.
a nativity scene with the birth of jesus in blue and yellow stars on it
The Midwinter Garden , A Puppet Play
A Waldorf-inspired table puppet play in celebration of Advent, Solstice or Christmas. In this simple story, created for three to five year olds, a mother is ...