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Even though women in englevar are not allowed to be warriors, this could still be turned masculine, or give it to the princess for ceremonial. - Elven Armor by ~Lani-Raevan on deviantART

She is planning and whether it be for your good or your ill will not be known until after she makes it so.

Dulce Ruby Peralta put in scene as Indian Holy(wo)man by Nicole Chew (make up, hair), Jadie Kadletz (styling) and Sven Dreesbach (photography).

You must understand, the girl in the picture is NOT weak. She has fought hard, and lost all her friends in battle. It is not weakness to cry. To cry, shows you have been strong for a long time. And crying will give you strength to go on, even when your mind and body tell you not to.

The battle has paused long enough for her to think.fuck these tears."come on bring the fire bring the pain so that I can battle and swing my sword" she screams! " So that my mind goes red instead of blue.