Story Time  by Knut Ekwall

Story Time (Portrait Of The Artist`s Father And Daughter) century by Ekvall Knut

Let's Eat Out was one of the first slogans ever used in a McDonald's ad campaign, and lasted from 1960-1965.

Was McDonald's hot in the If this McDonald's "Let’s Eat Out!" kids book is any indication, I'd say "yes"! What a fab illustration! Also, in the company's year, Ronald McDonald appeared in both his first national TV commercial

vintage HJ cocktail menu

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vintage singer sewing advertisement

Just a day dream idea of a vintage craft/sewing/children's learning daughter also loves these sort of old romantic vintage images :)

Norman Rockwell.  It reminds me of us three Davis girls.

My Kitchen Prayer

Oh how Grandma would have loved this picture by Norman Rockwell. She loved art where she could imagine the story. Grandma loved calendars (see one on the wall) and had them in every room of her home.

vintage diner Coca-Cola ad waitress

Inspiring image coca cola, old, pin up, retro, vintage - Resolution - Find the image to your taste